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Spotlighting Industry 


What is a job skill set?

According to 'The New Work Mindset' published the Foundation of Young Australians (FYA), there are seven job skill sets which cover all current and future jobs in Australia. 

Each skill set comprises of certain job specific skills. The training involved for one skill set may be applicable to others, so moving forward young people are encouraged to look to which skill set they want to belong to rather than what job they would like to perform. (2017)

See additional resources to access FYA's findings. 

Meet the industry

Events Industry

In this small snapshot, Bindi highlights her role within the events industry, and how she got to working and living in Spain as apart of her job. 

HR Industry

This snapshot provides an insight into the work required in the HR industry from two distinct members within the HR community.

Government Industry

In this video, Helen provides a snapshot into her governmental work and how she got first involved in it. 

Trades Industry

As a manager of PPG, Eddie shares his insight into landing your job and making the most of the opportunities you get.

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